About Jenny Clover

She thinks of herself as a late bloomer-boomer.

A transplant from Iowa, Jenny found her way to the San Francisco Bay Area, nearly 40 years ago. She shares her passion for animals and adventure, with her husband, Dennis, a retired veterinary ophthalmologist. As co-owners of a veterinary eye practice, she has gobs of experience with pets and their people.

An avid journal writer, she began writing creatively, much later in life. Front Desk, a work in progress, is a collection of short stories from her years managing the front office. Memoir of a Stray Cat (as yet unpublished) is a novel written from the POV of you guessed it—a stray cat. Lake Journal, Persimmon Tree, Hippocampus, and the University of Iowa’s Carver School of Medicine Journal: An Examined Life have published her short stories. She is an avid plant-based cook, a hiker, and fascinated with the application of spiritual principles to everyday living. She’ll be traveling the African continent with her husband, who’s interpretation of their adventure, will undoubtedly be different. To connect with Dennis, go to dennishacker.com.

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